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It will be good to be back!  But, we must not kid ourselves.  COVID-19 is most definitely not gone. It has now killed over 120,000 Americans, and infections are surging in several states.

People of all ages can get this disease, but some are at greater risk. If you are over sixty…If you are diabetic…If you are a man…If you are prone to respiratory problems…If you don’t have O type blood…If you are immunocompromised, or have kidney, liver, lung, or blood disorders are also at greater risk.

You may get the disease and not be seriously affected, but you can easily pass it to someone who could be sickened or even killed by it, even though you never even knew you had it. We have an obligation to do what we can to minimize risk, not just to ourselves, but our community.

We will need to take special precautions until a vaccine, or at least an effective treatment, is available, and that is going to take several months.  So here are some of the things we will do…

We will continue to offer online services for people who cannot/should not attend, in person. We are working on a way to send the service out live, over Zoom.  We will send information out on how to log in, which you will be able to do from anywhere.  If you need to get on out Zoom subcription list, please send a request by e-mail.  <>

Masks will be required for all but young children under five.  This is NOT optional.

We will not be passing out bulletins, or sharing a collection plate.  All information will be on the screens.  A collection plate will be placed outside the sanctuary.  Please put your donation, there.

There will be no handshaking, hugging, etc.  Greetings will be done without physical contact.

Seating will be designated in a way to provide proper distancing.  You will only be allowed to sit in marked spots.  Yes, it’s a bit of a hassle, but it keeps people safe.

Singing will be limited.  The Choir will sing. But congregational singing will be limited to two songs.

No Children’s time, for now.

Services will be shorter.  This is to minimize exposure.

The hope is that early next year, a vaccine will be available.  But, for now, we need to be careful for the sake of ourselves, our loved ones, and our community.  This will be a way that we love our neighbors.

Your care, cooperation, patience and prayers are needed and appreciated as we continue to deal with this historic crisis.

We hope to see you in church on Sunday.

But if you can’t be there, we hope you will see us in church on Zoom!

To get on our Zoom subscription list, please e-mail the church a, and ask to be put on.

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